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Pocket Apps employs agile development processes for both website and mobile applications.  Agile development is a software development process, where your requirements and our solutions evolve over time.  This is achieved through constant communication and collaboration between our development team and yourself.

Sprint Planning

Create development plans for 2 week

This is the time where we sit with developers and prepare strategic plans to what features are priority and which features to be developed for the coming 2 weeks. We discuss out the dependencies and plan the work accordingly.


Developers start working on Sprint

In Sprint developers actually start working according to sprint planning document. This is the phase where developer would have more productivity and will actually work on the product

Sprint Review Meeting

We review the task of developers for the sprint

This is meeting to review the task which are accomplished during the 2 week sprint and based on the progress we analyse the backlogs and would help us to plan the next sprint.

Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Analyse the area of work which were satisfactory and which needs improvements

This meeting is conducted to analyse the areas where the team was exceptionally well and the areas where we need to improvise for the next set of work

By employing an agile development process, we ensure that our website and app developers understand your needs and constantly obtain feedback.  We, as an app development company, understand that our customers’ needs can evolve over time. We ensure there is always a channel of communication between developers and customers.  We seek feedback on our development progress throughout the development lifecycle, rather than at the end of the project. This is the key advantage of agile development.