Apps are the hub for the users to consume information, share data, communicate, perform daily chores, and do every other task they can possibly think of. So, if you already have a business, get it on the digital platform. If you are on the verge of launching a new one, it better be digitally equipped. It might be intimidating and overwhelming to be your own boss, make your own decisions, take risks, and make your mobile app startup a massive success.

app-ideas-2020Let’s make a reality check before you dive into your dreamy land. In 2020, there are very few ideas that are unique and captivate user attention. Also, not all unique startup ideas get a perfect execution and can combat the competition.

Stressed about what to do? How to do? And whether to actually do it or not? Our Brisbane app development company was once in the same shoes and now turned out to be among the top-ranking companies.

Our bloggers assist the newbie like you with information and knowledge about the trending mobile app ideas for startups in 2020. While our designing and development team aids you to make your dream reach the respective app stores.

Let me jot down our entire coverage and at the end help you make an informed decision.

1) Starting With the Mobile App Stats

Mobile apps will generate a ravishing revenue of $189 Billion by the end of 2020.

  • There are over 2.2 Million apps available in the Apple App Store to download.
  • There are over 2.8 Million apps available in the Google App Store.
  • 21% of millennial open an app over 50+ times a day.
  • 49% of people open their app 11+ times a day.
  • 57% of digital media usage is derived from mobile apps.
  • An average smartphone owner uses 30 apps every month.

2) Age/Gender/Education of the Mobile App Startup Owners

  • 73% of the startup owners were male whereas 25% of the startup owners were female.
  • 35% of the startup owners aged between 50 to 59 years, 25% of them aged between 40-49 years. While 18% of them fall between 30 to 39 years and 4% of them were among 18 to 29 years of age.
  • 33% of the startups graduated high school, 29% of them have a Bachelors’s degree, 18% of them have an Associate’s degree. While 16% of them have a Master’s degree, and 4% of them are doctorate.

3) Success and Failure Rates of the Mobile App Startups

The number of startups annually is 305 Million out of which 135 Million are just tech startups. So if you were in dilemma before about launch your mobile app startup, you have your optimistic answer. The whopping funding received by them amounts to $17,830,705,214. So, don‘t spare a single moment in dilemma, hire expert app developers Brisbane and get going to be one of those 135 Million. Not to be pessimistic but just giving a reality check of the market about those who survive.

Out of all the businesses that started in 2014, 80% made it to 2015. 70% of the businesses made it to 2016, 62% of them made it to 2017, and only 56% made it to 2018. This concludes that the startup failure rate at four years is about 44%.

4) Leading Industries to Pick For Your Startup

As for Android apps, the most popular categories are:

  • Tools
  • Communication
  • Business
  • Video players and edit
  • Travel
  • Social media
  • Productivity
  • Music and Audio
  • Entertainment
  • News and magazines

As for iPhone apps, the most popular categories are:

  • Games
  • Business
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Food and drink
  • Health and fitness
  • Productivity

5) Mobile App Startup Ideas to Consider in 2020

It always starts with an idea or rather says a unique or innovative idea. An idea that drives a startup owner to leave everything at their disposal and try their fate. There are several reasons for startup failure. Great idea but poor execution, idea, and execution both was up to the mark but the product mistimed or it was not in demand. So, save your mobile app startup from these common reasons. Choose the right idea with the right mobile app development team, and perfect timing to be successful. Here are some of the top mobile app startup ideas to consider in 2020.

· Grocery Apps

It is an app category every commoner needs in their day to day. It’s kind of tedious to go to stores, pick out the stuff, and wait in the queue for billing. They can simply order their required products and get them delivered to their doorstep. To make your grocery app stand out, you can integrate some of the trending features.

  • No minimum order.
  • No charges on cancellation.
  • Price comparison with other stores.
  • Cashback or discounts or reward points with every order.
  • Schedule time of delivery.
  • Automatic order the selected every month.

· Social Networking Apps

social-media-networkingDifferent social networking apps have different agendas. Say for example LinkedIn is for creating professional networks, and Instagram is for image sharing. Choose the agenda of your social networking app and define the target audience for that. Creating a single app that caters different agenda all on one platform is something you can pursue.

· Medical App

Medical apps are one of the categories that grew rapidly. From searching the nearby pharmacies to ordering medicines, from maintaining medical bills to paying them online, medical apps come in handy to the users. If your choice of category is medical app development, fill your app with these must-have features.

· AR Apps

ar-app-developmentAR is one of the top talked trends of 2020. The trend is not new and has been in the list of trending technologies for the past few years. However, not many startups or even the established brands have been able to incorporate it into the apps. This can be your window of opportunity to succeed. The technology is quite advanced and will need top app developers in Australia to provide quality output. Here are some of the AR pp ideas you can use to stand out.

  • Makeup trial app
  • Outfit app
  • Mall navigation app
  • Virtual interior design app
  • Food Delivery App

People are getting hungrier and lazier with each passing day. These work very well for food delivery apps. Who wouldn’t like to get all their favorite cuisines in one place? Who wouldn’t like to get cooked, delicious food at discounted rates at their doorstep? Everyone I suppose. Hence, the food-delivery apps will continue to have a good future.

· Graphical Restaurant Reservation System (GRRS)

Graphical-Restaurant-Reservation-SystemThere are table booking apps to cut the waiting time and get a table on arrival. What’s the point of booking in advance when restaurant owners will give a table of their own choice? This might be an intriguing question in the user’s mind. GRRS shows the setting of the restaurant online and allows the user to book a table they desire. These systems are prevalent in the cinemas but adding them to the restaurant will provide your startup a competitive benefit.

· IoT Apps

Although IoT apps are new but they are definitely trendy. With each passing day, more and more devices are being connected and benefits and convenience are unquestionable. It helps make savings by turning off everything that is not needed when people are away. It comforts people by heating their homes before they arrive. These apps also ensure safety by integrating a smart security system that sends a notification if anyone tries to break into homes.

· Telemedicine Apps

Everyone had to get out and wander in the street to consult a doctor in the times of high fever or sneezing the brain out or breathing with closed nostrils. In a condition where a patient needs to sleep and take rest, they have to go out and wait for their consultation. Telemedicine apps allow online consultation with a medical professional through a video call. A great idea for your mobile app startup indeed.

Wrapping Up

We have gathered every piece of information you need before you start traveling towards your dream. Read it, learn from it, and apply the dos of a successful startup and refrain from the don’ts. Pick the best idea, hire a talented team of app developers Brisbane, and market it well.