7 Tips on how to complete the Web Development project which is stuck for a long time

If you get the feeling of being on the same boat seeing on the Title, well you landed to the right place. Being the customer I can understand your frustration about writing those long never ending emails to the development team and having those non conclusive long Skype calls.

Well, this happens with most of the unfortunate people who wanted to create something new on the web and were very excited and ended up frustrating because the project is stuck and is no where near completion. Let me give you 7 important tips for completing the stuck project which I have gained from my personal experience. Currently, I am working with Web Developer Brisbane team for a couple of web development projects

1 ) List down the features which are very critical for the launch of your product

This is the part you might be wondering, well I did this on the early stage of development and Do I need to do it again? Well, yes this would be just listing the very critical features for your product launch. Just list them down to see what are the features that are really important for your product to launch so you can get a clear understanding of them.

This way you would end up listing only most critical features and you will clearly have the priority list of the features, this will come handy at the time of Trade Offs which is mentioned in points below.

2 ) List down the current issues which you think are most critical for the product

Hmm!!!, Well this is never ending list. Oh boy! I can imagine. But you will need to pick only the critical issues which you think are very very important and you can’t see your product without these issues getting sorted.

Mind well, list only those issues which are seriously important and for now ignore those text changes and color changes & UI issues which are not that critical for the initial product launch.

3 ) Create a list of Gray areas of the features to which development team is not ready to develop.

Gray areas? What do you mean, I have mentioned everything Crystal clear. Well, that was my reaction when the first time the development team brought forward the terminology of grey areas. So what are they?


Imagine you have asked for a chat feature on your product and you expect that to be as Whats App and you get is the Default SMS app. Well yeah technically both fulfill the chat feature So the functionality of sending images, audio messages, video message would be a gray area.

4 ) Apply the trade off law. (Trade off for the critical feature v/s non-critical issues)

The trade off law? What is that? Well, it’s kind of bargain. You should bargain for the most critical features with non critical issues. Sometimes the issues which are non critical for your product may take a lot of energy & efforts. So the best thing would be trading of them with the most important features which are critical for your product.

This trade off would be in your favor if you have done a proper analysis on the critical features & non critical bugs/issues. (I don’t use the word Bugs as it hurts the development team most. 😛 I prefer the word issues)

5 ) Have a technical person & get him to review your current product

So hire another team to manage the current development team, Are you insane? Well no, I don’t want you to hire any team I just want you to reach out to a technical person who can be from your friends/families or any freelance project manager who has a good understanding regarding the web development & SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

Once you find technical person all you need to do is explain to him everything, well another way of taking out all your frustrations (Just kidding :P). And explain to him your most critical functions and issues and he/she might be able to get the out of box solution for you from their experience & expertise. So this would be a great option to have.

6 ) Ask explicitly for 6 months of After launch support

This is again critical thing, There might be hidden issues which you haven’t come across and you won’t come across until product goes to a production environment with real users. This is where support plays the most important role.

There might be small hidden issues here & there which might not be intentional but it happens with every product, so you might want to have the support for those issues to be covered at least for 6 months after launch and you would be really thanking me for this.

7 ) Have an external code review for the product

External code review? Well yes, you should hire external agencies who can review code for your product. If its messy code which may need complete revamping than you should need to think twice before moving out to production environment.

There are 100% chances people will love your product and it needs to be upgraded but your code for the product won’t be able to take any up-gradation at that point you might need to re-develop things and your competitors could strike you out. So beware of this.

Well, this is it from my end, If you are looking for the development team who are exceptionally well and help you to avoid these kinds of situation, you can contact web development company Australia.